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Yorkshire puds

It’s not a proper Sunday roast without a Yorkshire pudding, and I like my puds to be soft inside, with a nice crunchy outside.

I’d be a complete failure as a 50% Yorkshirewoman if I couldn’t make a decent Yorkshire pudding, but they’re deceptively simple, and thus easy to cock up. The secret is a: pre-heating your pan, then b: adding oil and heating that for at least five minutes. You’ll know when it’s hot enough, because when you add the batter, it’ll puff up just a little almost as soon as it hits the oil.

This is the recipe I’ve used for years (essentially, anyway, give or take a few mls of milk and grams of flour – linking you to this one because I’m too lazy to type up my own) – Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire Puddings. You can make up a couple of batches really easily, and freeze what you don’t use. Chuck ’em in the oven for about five minutes, and yum. Much better than anything Aunt Whatsherface makes.

(rubbish photo is rubbish because my dSLR is at work, so only had my ‘phone to hand)

There’s nothing spectacular about this recipe – but it’s a classic, and this is the first thing I made with my KitchenAid mixer (who is called Harry, jsyk). It probably seems like overkill, but I’d never even touched a KitchenAid before today, so I wanted to make something simple as I get a feel for it.

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