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Gnocch Gnocch! Who’s there?

Gnocchi with bacon, chicken and spinach Alfredo sauce, that’s who!

I’ve been making the above recipe by Heidikins Cooks for a good while now, and it’s comfort food at its very finest. Stodgy and filling and cheesy and bacony – bacon makes everything better. Well, it doesn’t make clogged arteries better, but it’s yummy. I do trim the rind in an effort to be health conscious, but I should probably throw the rind away, or make fat balls for birds or something, rather than frying it until it’s a cinder and then eating it, which is very Homer Simpson of me.

Don’t let my photo put you off (I know it looks a little like vomit) – it really is tasty. We rarely have fresh spinach in the house, so we use frozen, and I’ve yet to find frozen spinach that doesn’t disintegrate into lots of bits.

I’ve faffed with the recipe a bit – I use two chicken breasts instead of 1/2, and two rashers of bacon instead of four, and a whole onion. I also add pepper to the sauce, and use just a cup of cheese. The recipe says it serves four, but, um, usually it feeds two of us, three at a push (and when it serves three, we’re all left desperately running our finger around the bowl to get the last bit of sauce). When three of us are eating, I cook 500g of gnocchi – for two of us, 250g.

I’ve made a vegetarian version of this using Quorn chicken pieces and fake bacon, and it was just as yummy. For the health conscious among you, run away. I’ve have made a low-fat version of this, but it still clocks in at a whacking great 16 Pro-Points (for both the veggie and the meat versions). As a once-in-a-while meal though, it’s not too bad. A healthier option is to ditch the cheese sauce and use a tin of chopped tomatoes instead, with a little pesto stirred in just before serving.

I’ve yet to attempt making gnocchi, but it’s on my to-do list – it looks like fun.

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