I love cinnamon. Unfortunately, much of the UK doesn’t, unlike the US which has such wonders as Big Red, cinnamon Altoids (which, despite being made in England, aren’t sold here) and cinnamon flavoured toothpaste. We do have a couple of Cinnabons now, but they’re fortunately far enough away from me to make it a pain to get to one, because otherwise I would be eating my own body weight in them daily, and would soon be round(er), and covered in cinnamon and cream cheese icing – much like a Cinnabon.

One of my favourite things to make and eat to feed my cinnamon addiction is cinnamon raisin bread, but I’ve not made it in a couple of years. I wanted to give Harry a workout and see just what he’s capable of, so decided to make my go-to-cinnamon raisin bread recipe of old. I’ve always divided the recipe by three to make just one loaf, but I decided to push my mixer to its maximum eight cup capacity and make the full quantity.

Harry coped beautifully. I used the bread hook right up until the point the dough began to climb the hook and pull away from the sides, and then I kneaded by hand, because there’s something wonderfully therapeutic about kneading dough.

I wish there was some way to capture smell and send it over the Internet, because the bread smells amazing when it’s cooking. It was really hard waiting for it to cool down enough to be sliced without falling to bits, but it was worth the wait.


Love it. I’m taking two of the loaves into work tomorrow, because otherwise I’ll just eat it all.

Also, cinnamon is one of those words where if you type it enough times, you start doubting that you’ve spelled it right. A bit like ‘the’ and ‘tongue’. Or is that just me?


5 thoughts on “Cinnayum

  1. Mands says:

    I presume you’ll be making more in a couple of weeks to bring with you, my cinnamon fix needs feeding too & we also don’t have a cinnabon (dare say we’ll get 1 before you though)?

  2. Karen says:

    Bread does smell good when it is baking…your cinnamon raisin bread must have really given off wonderful aromas.

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